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Which box size is ideal for moving house? Standard Moving Boxes

Moving house can be an extremely stressful process, with hundreds of things to think about and organise. As the average person moves house every seven years, it is not something that you are likely to be familiar with. Every step of the way is a new learning curve, and mistakes can be costly..

The whole process costs a fortune, from the solicitors’ fees, estate agent fees, removal companies and stamp duty, let alone buying the new house too and the mortgage advisor fees that come with it. So, when you have finally been given that long awaited completion date, you now need to organise the actual move. One of the most important things you can do in advance alongside getting the right removal company or van hire is to prepare what packaging materials you will require to move.  

What types of packaging will you need to move house?

  • Strong cheap moving boxes
  • Bubble wrap
  • Strong packing tape
  • Packing tissue paper
  • Wardrobe boxes
  • Furniture covers

What are the different box sizes and types available?

    • Single walled boxes are the first type of box. They are the cheapest boxes, and they are great for moving everyday household items such as clothing which will not get damaged easily. They are fine for light objects, but not very good for larger or heavier objects as they might break apart. Every house move should have a variety of these.
  Standard Moving Boxes
    • Double walled boxes are the strongest moving house boxes. They are heavy duty boxes that can be used for moving heavy objects and delicate items. They can hold a heavy weight inside of them and they will protect whatever you put into them as well. They can easily be stacked on top of one another in a removal lorry without breaking and every house move should have a variety of this type of box.
  • Wardrobe boxes are ideal for moving clothes that are usually kept in your wardrobe, including shirts, suits, dresses, and blazers. They are an extra tall and wide size, and they have a hanging rail at the top which can be used to hang up all of your clothing safely while you move house. This is a must buy when moving.
  • With the single and double walled boxes, you can buy medium, large and extra large sizes of each. There are different factors that will go into deciding which size of box you are going to need.

Which size of cardboard box is ideal for moving?

  • Each different size of box has its merits. Smaller sized boxes and medium sized boxes are going to be stronger than larger boxes, because the wall length and width won’t be as large a surface area. They are easy to carry when they are full, because they won’t feel too heavy. They are great for moving books and other smaller objects. They are easy to carry through small door frames in your home, so they are quick and easy to manoeuvre. The only issue is that some of your larger objects will not fit into these boxes, and you can’t fit that many objects into these boxes.
  • size-of-cardboard-boxLarger and extra large sized cardboard moving boxes are great because you can fit more objects into them. This will save you time while moving house, because it will save you trips back and forth. You can fit larger objects into them easily, so they are more versatile. If you buy double walled larger boxes, they are very strong too and can be stacked on top of one another, and they can hold heavy objects in them too. They can become very heavy to carry when full, however, so it will depend on the person that is going to carry them.
  • Generally speaking, a mixture of both medium and extra large boxes is the best and most popular choice for house moving. It gives you the option and flexibility to move all the different sized objects in your home. If you have a combination of the two sizes of boxes, you can easily stack them and fill the removal lorry to the brim, because you can put the larger boxes in the fist of the lorry and then fit the medium sized boxes into the smaller gaps, so this allows for the best packing method. If there are just two of you moving the things from your home, and one is stronger than the other, then the stronger person can carry the larger boxes while the other can carry the smaller boxes.
  • If you have to pick between the sizes, then we recommend using the larger boxes. The reason is simply that they are more versatile and will hold all objects from your home inside of them and they will make your house move much faster. If they become very heavy, then you can simply use two people to carry a box into the lorry, so it is not the end of the world. But always make sure you use strong double walled boxes for moving, as single walled boxes won’t be strong enough for stacking in the removal lorry or holding heavy items.
  • Even for smaller house moves, we recommend larger boxes, because they will still make your job easier. You can simply buy a smaller quantity of them at a time. You can buy boxes online for quick delivery to your home, long in advance of your house move, so that you are prepared and ready to go. If you have left buying packaging until the last minute (likely), then if you purchase online, you can buy with next day delivery, so make sure you choose that option. Cardboard boxes for moving home will arrive flat packed, so they don’t take up much room in your house, so now you just have to try to estimate how many you are going to require!
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