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Which boxes are best for moving books and why?

Moving home or office is a daunting task, with so many things to think about and organise. Finding the right packaging and boxes for the job is hard, along with predicting which types, sizes, and quantities that you are going to need for each room of your house. Some people take a rough guess, buy a load of medium-sized boxes for moving and wing it. Others are more careful and try to plan what they are going to need more precisely to save some money. It is best to plan because this will also reduce wastage, which is better for the environment as well as your wallet. So you might be wondering which boxes are best for moving books. Here’s what we know, as an experienced removals company as well as supplying packaging for moving:         
  • Books are small objects, but they can become very heavy when there are a lot of them. The weight of items that you are putting into boxes is a huge factor in determining the size and type of box that you should use for the job.
  • Heavy objects, such as books, will require extra strong cardboard boxes made from double-walled cardboard. Single-walled boxes are not going to be strong enough for the job, so make sure you invest in the better quality boxes. The cost of double-walled boxes is not much more than single-walled options, so they are well worth the trouble.


  • As the weight of books becomes very heavy, this means that you should ideally use medium-sized boxes because if you use larger boxes, they may become too heavy to carry when full. This will obviously depend on the person that is going to carry the boxes. If you have a team of strong removal men helping you, then you could get away with larger book boxes as they can carry them easily. The larger the boxes that you use, the more books you can fit into them, which can save you time and money. However, the weight can really be a problem if you are moving them yourself. It is best to play it on the safe side and use medium-sized boxes for moving books as a general rule of thumb.
  • Ordinary boxes with four flaps at either end are the best for moving books. This is because they are the sturdiest boxes and they can be secured shut very well. Archive boxes with removable lids are not as sturdy and can make things a little more difficult when it comes to heavy objects like books.
  • The quantity of the best cardboard boxes for moving that you are going to need for moving books will vary depending on the number of books that you have to move and the size of the books. As a general rule, you can fit 10–15 average-sized books in a medium-sized box, if that will help you decide how many boxes you will need. You can always buy a pack of ten boxes and buy more if you need them when you run out to save on wastage. It can be cheaper to buy larger quantities of boxes, so if you know you will definitely need lots of boxes, it is best to buy cardboard boxes to save money.
  • There are many reasons why you may need to move books; maybe you have a library which is changing location, or maybe you have a lot of books in your home which you need to move. Either way, you will certainly need packing boxes for moving house to help you move them as boxes will help to protect books as well as enabling you to carry lots of books in one go which will save you time, effort and money. You can stack boxes on top of one another in the back of a removal van, so this will speed up your move too and ensure you can fit lots into the removal van. Do not try to move books without using boxes!
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