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Which cardboard boxes are best for packing up a kitchen

Which cardboard boxes are best for packing up a kitchen

Moving home is a difficult and challenging time for most households. It adds work and stress to your already busy lives, and there are lots of things that you need to think about and organise. The actual process of moving is a challenge in itself, and it is common for people to pack up their own things prior to the removal date. The reason for this, is because it enables you to organise your things effectively and safely, and it makes the job of the removal company much quicker and easier because all they have to do is move the cardboard packing boxes themselves. So you might now be in a position where you are trying to calculate how many boxes you are going to need for each and every room in your house. The kitchen is one of the main rooms that you have to think about carefully, because there are lots of objects in the cupboards, and in fact there are probably more things in the kitchen than any other room of the house. So exactly how many cardboard boxes are you going to need and which boxes are best for packing up the kitchen? 

Cardboard Boxes
  • When calculating how many boxes you are going to need to pack up your kitchen, this will obviously vary depending on the size of your kitchen and how many cooking appliances you have. In general, most households have a similar number of plates, glasses, frying pans, sauce pans and the usual appliances such as a toaster, microwave and oven. Buy cardboard boxes for packing.
  • On average, you should need 10 extra large packing boxes, or 20 medium sized boxes, depending on your preference. You will always need some larger boxes for the larger appliances like a microwave anyway, and large house moving boxes online make a house move quicker, but medium sized boxes are easier to carry. This is based on the average household in the UK; so you can take that with a pinch of salt. If you feel that you have a particularly cluttered kitchen, then simply add extra boxes onto the average, or vice versa.
  • When deciding which types of cardboard packing box are best; it is the double walled cardboard boxes. Most box suppliers sell these. They are much stronger than average boxes, and the strength basically means that you can fill them with heavier items. Plates, glasses and mugs can weigh a lot collectively, and so you will definitely need double walled boxes for this. They are not much more expensive than your average type of box, and so they are well worth the trouble.
  • Double walled cardboard boxes are better for protecting the things inside of them as well. This is especially important with the kitchen, because most of the things you are going to be transporting are delicate and can easily break. It is a good idea to use bubble wrap and packing paper to assist with the protection of your objects. Where to buy large cardboard box?
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