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Which type of box is best for moving books?

Which type of box is best for moving books?

Moving home can be a tricky time for most households, with many things to worry about and to organise. You are going to have an entire house of possessions to move on one day, and the task is daunting to say the least. Each item in your home has a different shape and size, and a different weight too. Some items are delicate and fragile, others are more sturdy and strong. These are all factors that need to be taken into consideration when purchasing packaging materials for the purpose of moving. There are many different types of packaging materials at hand, including large cardboard packing boxes, bubble wrap and strong packing tape, and there are many different types of box too. Perhaps you are now in the situation of deciding which type of large house moving boxes online are best for moving books? Here is what we think. 
  • Books can weigh a lot, especially if you have a lot of them. It might be tempting to put all of the books into large cardboard boxes for moving house, because you have so many of them. Books are fragile items that are easily damaged, and if they are old books then you’ll need to take great care of them.
  • Because of the weight of books, it is best to use strong, heavy duty, double walled cardboard boxes. The reason for this, is because a weaker box will not be able to hold the weight, and will simply crumble under the pressure. They would be useless for moving books, and so we always recommend using double walled boxes.
  • Another factor to consider because of the heavy weight of books is the size of the box you choose. If you choose a box that is too large, then it will become too heavy to carry for most people, and this will slow down your down move and make things much harder for you. It is best to use a medium sized box, and if you have lots of books, then simply buy a large quantity of medium sized boxes. This makes them much more manageable, and will reduce the chances of damage to your back. It also means that each person can carry a box, without several people having to carry each individual box. It is more efficient this way.
  • Because books are easily damaged, it is another reason why double walled boxes are the best. They provide protection from knocks on the outside of the box, so that the books inside do not feel a thing. It is also vital that you use bubble wrap to provide extra protection from damage, and especially with the oldest and most valuable books.
  • Along with cardboard moving boxes that are strong and medium sized, you’ll also need some strong packing tape to hold the boxes together. We don’t recommend simply folding the flaps over each other when it comes to books, because it isn’t worth the risk and they are too heavy and might break the flaps open. Strong packing tape is the only solution, and you need to buy strong adhesive tape rather than ordinary supermarket tape, and this is from the same place as where to buy large cardboard box.
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