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One-bedroom cardboard boxes are the number and type of boxes that are designed for an apartment move in the UK. They should be strong and durable boxes, that are large but not too large, because boxes that are too large will become too difficult and heavy to carry when full, but boxes that are too small will not be able to fit many of your things inside and will cost you time and money. One-bedroom moving boxes will enable you to move a small flat, house, or bungalow, and they can also be used for students moving a single bedroom from one location to another. If you rent a single bedroom, you could use the one-bed moving pack to help you move to a new room elsewhere, and you can buy our moving packs by clicking on the heading from the top menu, or alternatively, you can buy boxes individually and choose the number of boxes, bubble wrap, and tape that you will need.

One bedroom moving supplies

1 bedroom packing boxes come in a variety of shapes and sizes, allowing you to move every item from your home, including electrical equipment and books from your bedroom, as well as sheets and duvets, wash items, and cooking equipment. Boxes will make your move much faster and easier, as well as make it safer because they will help to protect all of the things that you put into them with ease. It is simple to move a one-bedroom apartment with a single car, without having to hire a full lorry or van as you would with a normal house move, because you simply have fewer belongings to shift from one location to another, so the move should be much simpler.

1 bedroom apartment moving boxes

One-bed cardboard boxes can hold heavy weights inside of them without breaking, and they can hold up to thirty kilogrammes without breaking. It means that if you have gym equipment that you need to move, then you can use those stronger boxes for that purpose. Our double-walled boxes are the strongest that you can buy, and they are perfect for shifting heavy items from one location to another. Cardboard boxes for a 1-bed house move will only need to be bought to carry the things from a single bedroom as well as a kitchen and living room, and it is unlikely that there are many other rooms that need catering for other than the bathroom. As a result, you don't need as many boxes as you would for a typical larger house move, and thirty boxes should suffice, or ten extra large boxes would suffice as well. Medium-sized boxes are the most recommended as they are easier to carry when full and easy to fit into cars. cardboard boxes Because they arrive flat packed and you only have to fold up the flaps at either end to use them, one bed move can be stored under your bed until you need them or after you have used them. Some strong packing tape is ideally needed too, but when they are flat packed they won’t take up much room at all, so this enables you to buy lots of them far in advance of your house move and so that they are ready to use immediately.