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3 bedroom cardboard boxes are the ideal type, size and quantity of boxes that are perfect for a three bedroom house move. When it comes to moving home, not many people know the right quantity of boxes that they are going to need, and which sizes are most suited to them. The reason for this, is because people move, on average, once every seven years. So the likelihood is that you won’t be experienced in the subject, and will barely remember the last time you moved and the procedure you took.

3 bedroom moving boxes will require approximately ten boxes per room of the house. This is an average figure, and it obviously depends on just how cluttered your house is. The bedrooms will certainly need ten boxes each, plus the kitchen, living room, study and bathrooms. Strong double walled boxes are a must, because they can hold much heavier weights inside of them without breaking, and they will protect the things you put into them.

3 bedroom packing boxes are available to buy directly here online with Packing Solution. We offer next day delivery throughout the United Kingdom, and we email you a tracking number so that you know precisely when your parcel is going to arrive tomorrow. We are a family run business, with many years of experience with removals packaging, and we can assist you if you need help just email us.

Three bedroom cardboard boxes are available to buy individually, or you can buy our discounted packs of five or ten at a time. We also sell moving packs, which are designed to help you to choose how many boxes and packaging you need. They include bubble wrap and tape, as well as a variety of different sized boxes. We offer a three bedroom moving pack for example, which is ideal for the average three bed house move.

Cardboard boxes for 3 bed house move are easy to pick, and all you will need is a combination of medium, large and extra large double walled strong boxes. Medium sized boxes are easy to carry when they are full of your possessions, and extra large boxes can fit large items inside of them and they will save you trips back and forth. 3 bed move cardboard boxes should be purchased along with strong packing tape to hold the boxes together, and protective packaging such as bubble wrap and packing tissue paper to ensure that your belongings are safe from harm. Here at Packing Solution we offer some of the most competitive prices on packaging in the UK, so that you are able to find all your packaging requirements at minimal cost.