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British bubble wrap is what we offer here at Packing Solution online. Our wide range of bubble wrap rolls are made here in Great Britain, and they are 100% recyclable too. We are able to offer some of the lowest prices on bubble wrap because we have cut out the middle man here online and are able to offer you our bubble wrap directly. The rolls that we offer are of the highest quality, and a vigorous quality control check goes through each roll before it reaches the warehouses.

British made bubble wrap is produced by specialised machinery that puts hundreds of tiny air holes into the polythene material and this is what forms the layer of protection around the items that you are trying to protect from damage. The air compartments are all exactly the same size, and they work together to absorb pressure and shock from an item being dropped or hit against. They can withstand massive blows because of the quantity of bubbles around your items. You can protect even the largest and heaviest of things using our bubble wrap.

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because you can rely on the quality standard to be extremely high in comparison to other imported types of bubble wrap. The price is highly competitive too, because it is mainly machinery that goes into making bubble wrap rather than labour. When you purchase packaging locally, you can ensure that there are low air miles involved in getting the product to you, which is much better for the environment and much better for the country as a whole in terms of the economy too.    

Find British bubble wrap here online with Packing Solution at our menu at the top, where you can see our full range available to buy. We offer small rolls, medium and large rolls which go up to one hundred metres in length. We also sell packs of three and size rolls at a time, and they are cheaper again because we offer large discounts for bulk purchases. This means that our service is ideal for both businesses as well as the public.

Bubble wrap made in Britain is extra strong and excellent quality. It will not rip or tear easily, which makes it extra durable and perfect for storage, shipping and moving home or office too. It is multipurpose and great for so many different things. Most of our rolls are half a metre in width, but we also sell bubble wrap with extra large bubbles which give you even more protection from damage for the larger and heavier of things from your home.