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Brown cardboard boxes are what we offer here at Packing Solution with our wide range of boxes which are designed for house moving, storage and shipping in the UK. We offer next day delivery on all orders throughout the UK, and this is a tracked delivery service so you know when they will arrive. All boxes are sent flat packed to your door, which is designed to save you time and effort when moving house, and we offer some of the lowest prices too. This ensures that you can always get the boxes that you need on time, and at the best price.

Brown coloured boxes are the best because you can easily write on them to say what is inside of each box, or to say which room of the house that each box belongs in. The brown colour means that you can easily make markings on the box with a standard permanent marker pen, or a normal pen too, and the brown colour is the natural colour of recycled paper, which is the main ingredient when it comes to making cardboard. This means that fewer processes go into producing them, which is better for the environment.

Brown packing boxes sold here at Packing Solution

They are always brand new, which means that they are completely clean and will arrive in perfect condition and ready for you to use. Second hand boxes are becoming more and more difficult to find, and they are often dirty and messy which can make the items that you put into them messy also. Our boxes are all one hundred percent recyclable, and so they are much better for the environment than other forms of plastic box, plus our boxes are made from recycled paper in the United Kingdom too.    

Brown moving boxes need to be strong and durable, and we always recommend using our double walled boxes for the purpose of moving home. The reason for this is because you can put lots of household items inside of them without them breaking apart, and they will protect the things you put into them as well. They can hold heavy weights inside of them too, and this is especially important when you are moving home because there are lots of things that can weigh a lot.

Brown coloured cardboard boxes and plain brown in colour, with no printing on them, so this is what makes them ideal for both businesses as well as the public too. You can simply print your logo onto the boxes using a stamp, or you can send them as they are with plain brown colouring. They will therefore look professional as well as being practical and useful for the purpose that you need them for.