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There are many uses for top quality bubble wrap and the main ones include moving house, storage and shipping. The reason it is used, is that it provides protection against damage of your things inside of it, and the tiny little bubbles absorb shocks put on them so that your items inside do not have to take a hit. It is a clever mechanism, and it is made out of a plastic material which is waterproof, so it has extra uses and benefits other than the obvious protection.

Bubble wrap for moving UK is available in a big selection of sizes and lengths, ranging from very small sizes and going as large as 100 metres long, so no matter how large or small the items you need to protect are, we have the best service for you. We have no minimum orders, so if you need just a tiny amount, we have that covered.

High quality bubble wrap for sale

Bubble wrap for sale here is delivered on our famous next day delivery service, which is guaranteed delivery next day, to every home in the UK including

Scotland and Northern Ireland, for only £4.50. We send all orders out with UPS courier, and we will email you with a tracking number once the order has been dispatched. You can then track the delivery of your parcel online, and rest at ease knowing it will arrive soon.

Extra strong bubble wrap can be used to protect your smallest of items during a house move, and it can be a long process of going through and wrapping each individual item up, but it is well worth the trouble, because the amount of money you can save by using it can be huge. It may seem like an initial cost that you didn't plan for, but the amount saved will make up for it, and then some.

Best bubble wrap for moving can also be used to put around your larger items when you put them into storage. You might have an old sofa that you need to temporarily store when you move house, because you are staying with a friend temporarily, and so the sofa has no room. You can put it into a storage container, and the wrapping will protect it from dust, dirt and dampness as well.