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Welcome to Packing Solution, the leading supplier to Basingstoke of extra strong bubble wrap at the lowest prices around. We have a huge range to offer you, starting from a 5 metre roll for only £3.99 and going up all the way to a 100 metre roll for more industrial use or large packing items. Our prices are the lowest you can find, and we pride ourselves on this. We specialise in top quality bubble wrap for people who are moving home, and we have experience in running a removal company too, so we know that the sizes and types of packaging that we offer are ideal for the job at hand.

Top quality bubble wrap in Basingstoke

Bubble wrap for sale comes in many different widths as well as lengths, and they are all rolled up so that you can unravel them as you wish to use them, which makes things tidy and neat while you store it before you use it, and it makes them easy to transport as well. We also offer moving boxes and tape, as well as other house moving packaging product.

Strong bubble wrap UK is lightweight, so it makes it easy to carry when it is wrapped around your things. It makes carrying items a lot easier as well, because in fact the plastic material makes for good grip so it ensures you do not drop anything, and even if you did, the small bubbles will protect against any damage that may occur. Bubble wrap for moving UK is easy to find here online.

Just click on the menu at the top of this screen, where you can view our full range. Then, click on the product that you wish to know a little more about, and this will give you the full product description. Sizes, weight, prices are all detailed, but if you wish to know a little more, please contact us directly and we can help you with that.

Bubble wrap for moving house is different from ordinary bubble wrap because of the sizing and the fact it is much stronger. It will not tear easily, and it is very robust. You can purchase here for next day delivery for only £4.50 directly to your door. We send with UPS courier, and it is a guaranteed delivery service. We will email you a tracking number too.