Shop now for bubble wrap Brighton with Packing Solution

We offer both large bubbles and small bubbles in our range of good quality bubble wrap so you can choose precisely what you require based on how heavy and large the items are that you are wrapping up. Heavier items are best suited to larger bubbles, because it adds that little bit extra cushion to the equation, reducing the risk of anything getting damaged.

We also offer a wide variety of lengths of bubble wrap for sale so that you can pick based on how large your items are, or how many items you have to pack. It varies from 5 metre rolls right up to 100 metre rolls, so we have everything in between that you could ask for.

Strong bubble wrap UK for extra protection in Brighton

There are methods of increasing the level of protection using extra strong bubble wrap and the most popular is to double up, or triple up on the layers of wrapping that you put around your things. The more layers, the more protection, it is as simple as that. Make sure you buy enough length to cater for this method, and it will ensure you look after your things the optimum amount.

Top quality bubble wrap is impossible to find in Brighton, not many retailers offer it and the ones that do, will often only sell a small selection as an accessory product. Here at Packing Solution, we offer unbeatable manufacturers prices directly for you to purchase, and we have no minimums too. Even if you only need one small roll of best bubble wrap for moving then we can do this for you with no problems.

We send all orders with UPS courier service, directly to your door. We will email you with a tracking number once the order has been dispatched, so that you can easily track your order online and see when it will arrive. If you do not think you will be home for delivery, simply leave a note on your order which we can pass onto the driver and he can make it happen. Bubble wrap for moving house is different from ordinary bubble wrap, because it has certain characteristics that makes it ideal for moving, such as weight and strength, and our range was designed for house movers specifically.