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Is your company growing and you need more room? Is your family growing and you need more room? The thought of the move must make you queezy. Make the task simple with bubble wrap from Packing Solution. Look at our range here right away. Our bubble wrap Cardiff and moving boxes are precisely what you will need for your house move! We offer only the best quality bubble wrap that will not break easily and it is very durable too.

Bubble wrap for moving UK in many different shapes and sizes

Moving home is a very difficult and time consuming task, even if you only have a small home. If you do not have the right packaging materials for the task it will only make things more difficult than they need to be. We have lots of experience with extra strong bubble wrap and can help you with this. You can wrap almost anything in them, and they will protect even your most precious of items.

We offer moving boxes as well, which can help with the house move even further along with our bubbles. The little bubbles in the best bubble wrap for moving will act as a protective layer against damage and they can protect against rain too as it is waterproof. Remove the stress of moving home by dealing with Packing Solution here in Cardiff.

We offer the lowest prices in top quality bubble wrap and moving boxes. They are easy to find and purchase, just look at the product information on our bubble wrap and this will tell you everything. If you need just a few rolls of bubble wrap at a time, or one at a time, we can do this for you without making you buy lots of packs at once as with other retailers, plus you can do the same with our boxes.

Bubble wrap for sale is the largest around, and we have lots of different sizes available. Our strong bubble wrap UK is made in the UK. They are extremely long lasting and durable, and you can re use them for insulation in your home. After you have relocated, use the boxes for storing items. Bubble wrap can prevent moisture or heat problems when you move home too. Shop on our online store to find the best prices around. Orders are sent next day delivery for only £4.50 to your door.