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Why choose our bubble wrap for moving over others? Our range of packaging was designed specifically for house moving, storage and shipping, and the sizes that we offer are the very best and most popular types for this purpose. We have many years of experience with the removals industry and the packaging industry too, and have been able to bring together the very best of both worlds into one here at Packing Solution. 

Our best bubble wrap for moving is clear in colour and lightweight, as well as durable too. We use premium materials and our wrapping is made in the United Kingdom too. We quality control everything that is produced and sold, so you can rely on us for a quality service.

Top quality bubble wrap in Colchester

We offer extra strong bubble wrap because we know how easy it can be to break when you use it, especially when you have wrapped it around the heaviest of items that you are moving home with and you are trying to carry it down the stairs, because it can easily get caught on anything and tear apart which would ruin the purpose of it.

Bubble wrap for moving UK is filled with tiny air bubbles throughout, and this acts as a layer of protection against any bumps that may occur in the removal van. They absorb the shocks put on them so that your belongings don't have to take it. They can also protect against scratches, and the popping sound is a tell tale sign that there is something causing a problem in the back of the lorry too, so listen out.
Strong bubble wrap UK is difficult to find in Colchester on the high street, because it is not readily available in large ranges like we offer here. We have better prices and a bigger range, and we offer next day delivery everywhere in Colchester guaranteed, so shop online with us today. We send you a tracking number once the order has been dispatched, which you can use to track the bubble wrap for sale online to see when it will arrive, thus ensuring that you are home for the delivery. Prices start as low as £3.99 for a premium roll of wrapping, which is 5 metres long and can cover most things in your home.