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Bubble wrap for china will need to be highly effective at protection, because china plates, mugs, cups and saucers are extremely delicate and can easily get damaged if you do not fully protect them. They could get scratched, cracked or smashed if they are dropped, and they will also get damaged if something else falls on top of them. There are many reasons why you might be moving some china from one location to another; perhaps you are moving home, or perhaps you are looking to store them out of the way somewhere safe. Maybe you are shipping china because you have sold them online. Either way, there are plenty of ways in which they can get damaged.

Buy bubble wrap for china because it is the most effective way to ensure that your china is safe from harm. The other type of protective packaging that is sometimes used when protecting china is packing tissue paper, which can be purchased alongside bubble wrap very easily. The two can work together well, and it is a good idea to wrap china in packing tissue paper first, then followed by bubble wrap, because the tissue will prevent scratches and give a basic layer of protection, and then bubble wrap will protect against the hard knocks and bumps which are inevitable. This will ensure your china is safe from harm.

Bubble Wrap for China UK

Bubble Wrap comes in two different types; large and small bubbles. Smaller bubbles are the best for wrapping up china, because china objects tend to be quite small, and so you need smaller bubbles to effectively wrap around the china properly. Large bubbles won’t fit neatly around the china object, and so it won’t be able to protect as well. Several layers of small bubbles will provide the same layer of protection as larger bubbles, so they are highly recommended.

Bubble wrap for protecting china will need to be secured in place, and you will need to wrap up each individual plate, or mug, rather than wrapping them all up together. The problem with wrapping them up together is that they can touch each other and will potentially hurt each other if a knock comes their way. If you wrap them up individually, then you can rest assured that they cannot get damaged in any possible way, and it will give you one less thing to worry about. It is slightly more time consuming this way, but highly effective.

China bubble wrap is easy to use; all you have to do is lay the bubble wrap out in a stretch, and place the china object onto the sheet of bubbles. Next you have to wrap the china up like you would with a normal Christmas present, and this is very easy and simple to do. You will require some strong packing tape to hold the bubble wrap in place, because ordinary supermarket tape will not do.