Shop now for bubble wrap for glasses with Packing Solution

Bubble wrap for glasses is a special type of bubble wrap that is designed to protect the most delicate glasses, plates and mugs from your kitchen. It needs to have the same protective qualities of normal bubble wrap, but it needs to contain smaller bubbles that are able to fit in and around glasses of all different sizes. The air bubbles should be around 1cm cubed in size, and the length of the bubble wrap roll will depend on the number of glasses that you need to protect and the size of the glasses.

Bubble wrap for glasses UK is what we specialise in here at Packing Solution, and our range of small bubble wrap is perfect for protecting delicate items such as glasses. The texture of the outside of the material of our bubble wrap is soft, and will not scratch the glass in any way. The air bubbles are full of air; providing the perfect layer of protection around your glasses to ensure that they do not get damaged in any way. The bubble wrap can be stuffed inside of the glasses as well as placed securely around the outsides of the glasses too, because this will provide strength from the inside of the glasses and protection from the outside too.

Buy bubble wrap for glasses and plan to wrap up each individual glass, rather than all of them together. The reason for this is because one of the main causes of damage while packing and moving glasses is when they knock against each other. They can crack or scratch each other inside of a packing box, and this defeats the object of using bubble wrap, so it is important to wrap up each individual glass one by one. This can take more time to do, but it is well worth the trouble.

Glasses bubble wrap should be eco friendly; and here at Packing Solution our range of bubble wrap is one hundred percent recyclable. We also offer paper bubble wrap which is made from recycled paper, and we also sell packing tissue paper and packing paper as well, which can further help to assist with packing up and protecting glasses and mugs. We also have a variety of different packing boxes to ensure you find the perfect size.

Bubble wrap for glass protection will help to prevent chips and scratches, which are two things that can ruin a good glass. If the glass gets chipped at the top edge, it will cause you to cut your lip while drinking from that glass, and if you have small children around it could be dangerous. Scratches on glass make it look untidy, and smashed glasses make them inadequate.

Glass protection bubble wrap is also available with our larger bubbles. These are better for larger objects, so if you have an ornament or a vase that is large and made from glass, and it is really heavy, then our larger bubble wrap is better for protecting this because of the heavy weight. Larger bubbles will fit nicely around a larger object, but smaller bubbles are better for protecting smaller glasses because they will fit around the shape better and more effectively.