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Bubble wrap for plates are commonly used to help protect plates from damage while you move house or ship them to a new location. There is nothing better for protecting plates than bubble wrap, because the small air bubbles provide cushioning that ensures the plates do not feel a thing if a box is dropped, keeping them in the perfect condition for using in your new home. Packing tissue paper is sometimes used along with bubble wrap, although it is not necessary.

Bubble wrap for protecting plates should be the type of bubble wrap with smaller, regular sized bubbles, rather than the type with larger bubbles. The reasoning for this is because the smaller bubbles will enable the wrapping to go around the plates easier and fit around the contours of the plates better. This enables a better level of protection against damage than if you have larger bubbles which do not fit around the plates.

Bubble wrap for china plates is a great way to ensure that you can fit plenty of plates into a box without risking them getting damaged. You can wrap up each plate individually and stack them into a strong cardboard box, or you can wrap up a collection of many plates together and then place that into a strong box. Wrapping plates individually is the most effective method, but wrapping them all together is much faster, so it depends on your priority and how soon you are moving. Many things can happen that would damage a plate; they could get scratched or cracked, or even smash entirely if they are accidentally dropped by a removal company.

Bubble wrap for kitchen plates

It is hard to predict how much of it you are going to need. It obviously depends on the size of your kitchen and how many plates, mugs and glasses you have to pack up, but as a general rule of thumb most people need at least one hundred metres of bubble wrap for this room of the house. It might sound like a lot of bubble wrap, but by the time you have put several layers around each and every delicate item from the kitchen, it will soon get used up.

Bubble wrap for dining plates should be used with a few layers of protection around the plates that you are protecting. One layer is not enough to provide the maximum amount of protection from damage, but at the same time you do not want to waste the bubble wrap by putting too many layers too, so two is usually enough or three if things are very heavy.

Plate protection bubble wrap can also be used to protect glasses, mugs, cooking equipment such as frying pans and sauce pans, as well as microwaves and toasters. Even the oven can be protected using bubble wrap as well, and the main reason that you should always use bubble wrap is to prevent accidents from happening and prepare for the worst case scenario. It is low cost but highly effective, and this is the reason why we suggest using bubble wrap.