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Bubble wrap for shipping is an absolute necessity when you are sending a parcel over a long distance with a courier service. There are many potential areas over the transportation distance that damage could occur to your parcel, and so this is why it is always worth putting some protection in place to ensure that your items are safe from harm. Bubble wrap is low cost and highly effective in ensuring that your items are safe, and this is why it is well worth the trouble for very little effort.

Buy bubble wrap for shipping for the purpose of reducing stress and worry of your items breaking during transit. If you are simply sending a parcel to a family member who lives a long distance away for their birthday gift, then this is good enough reason to protect the present that you are sending to ensure that it is in perfect condition when it arrives. If you are sending a product to a customer who lives on the other side of the world, then this is also good enough reason to use bubble wrap to ensure that the customer is satisfied with the item that they receive.

Bubble wrap for shipping UK is important because there are many areas where damage can occur. Firstly, the carrying of a parcel from one location to another means that it could get dropped by accident and this is a common area of damage for parcels. The parcel will need to be carried to the removal van or courier van, and this is where it could get dropped. The actual van itself can cause damage, because if many parcels are piled on top of one another, they can crush the parcels at the bottom and damage your items, or the boxes might move around in the back while the van is being driven, which can also cause knocks and damage.

Best Bubble Wrap for Shipping

It should be high quality, with thick bubbles and several layers around your items. It needs to fit inside of the box that you are using perfectly too, because sometimes the bubbles are too large for smaller parcels, so it is normally best to use smaller bubbles when moving and shipping. You should secure it in place around your items, using the best and strongest kind of packing tape available. These can all be purchased here online with Packing Solution; we are experts with all kinds of packaging.

Shipping bubble wrap needs to be lightweight as well as durable and strong, and the reason for this is because you do not want it to add to the weight of your parcel. If it adds to the weight of your parcel, then the courier will usually charge you extra for shipping that parcel, and this isn’t ideal. Most bubble wrap is very lightweight because it is full of air bubbles, and that is another amazing property of bubble wrap for protection.