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Welcome to Packing Solution, we are the leading retailer of bubble wrap for moving in Kings Lynn, and we offer next day delivery on all orders for only £4.50, which is a guaranteed service. We email a tracking number once the order has been dispatched, so that you can track the parcel online to see when it will arrive.

We are a family run business, with many years of experience with packaging and removals, and so we are able to help you with any query that you may have. Good quality bubble wrap is available in a huge range of sizes and lengths, so no matter how large or small the item may be that you are wrapping, we have the ideal product for your requirement at some outstanding prices.

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You can use strong bubble wrap UK for a number of different purposes, and many people use it to wrap up the smaller items in their home during a house move. Things made of glass, such as an ornament, can be great for this, because it will ensure that it does not smash when it gets knocked around a bit in the removal van, and so it saves you a bit of money and a lot of effort too. Bubble wrap for moving house can be used for storage purposes too.

It can be a good idea to wrap up old DVDs that you have put into the attic, because it will protect them from moisture as well as dirt and dust, thus ensuring that it will still work again when you get it out to watch in the future, perhaps it is an old family DVD and so it is important to look after it. Extra strong bubble wrap can be used to wrap up the largest of items as well.

You can put it around huge furniture, such as your kitchen table, which may be a very expensive one and so it is worth making it protected so that no scratches can get on there, so you can use it to impress people when you move into your new home. Best bubble wrap for moving needs to be clear in colour, so that you can see what you have wrapped in it, so that when it comes to unpacking you can do the job with ease as well.