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Thank you for visiting Packing Solution, the leading supplier to Lancaster of strong bubble wrap UK in a huge range of sizes and shapes. We have no minimum orders, so even if you only need just one roll of bubble at a time, we have the ideal service for you. We are able to offer you the best prices around because we cut out the middle man here online and are able to offer you manufacturers prices directly for the public. Top quality bubble wrap is available on a next day delivery service, which is guaranteed delivery. We will email you with a tracking number once the order has been dispatched, which you may use to track the delivery of your parcel online.

Best bubble wrap for moving

High quality bubble wrap is often used for shipping purposes. Perhaps you own a business and you sell toys online, and you need to protect those toys in the post so that when they arrive with your customer, they are in excellent condition so that they do not return the product. Our bubble wrap is ideal for this, and was designed with shipping in mind.

Extra strong bubble wrap is often used for storage purposes too. Perhaps you have to store your road bike in the garage for the winter months, because you don't use it during this time because it is too cold and icy to go around cycling with it. Our wrapping is great for putting around bikes in storage, because we offer large rolls which can be the ideal size for it. Bubble wrap for moving house is sometimes used for moving. You could put it around your plant pots, which you do not want to smash or crack in the removal van, and it would protect it to the maximum.

The little air bubbles will take the knocks and bumps instead of the plant pot and so it would save your things from breaking. Bubble wrap for moving UK is sometimes put around larger items in your home, such as a large door which you are choosing to take with you to your new home, because it is a favourite item in your old place and you do not want to lose it. Please contact us should you have any queries.