Shop here for bubble wrap Lincoln with Packing Solution

We offer bubble wrap for moving that is unlike others on the high street because it is designed specifically for house moving in Lincoln. It was designed with exact sizes and an exact weight as well for moving home, so it will suit your needs exactly. We offer next day delivery and send our orders with UPS courier service, and we email a tracking number once your order has been dispatched which you can use to track online at Top quality bubble wrap needs to be strong enough to hold the weight put on it, without tearing apart, which can easily happen with inferior quality rolls. Do not sacrifice quality for price, here at Packing Solution we have the best of both.

How do you use bubble wrap?

Bubble wrap for sale can be used in a number of different ways when shipping things in the post or moving home. The two main methods are simple.

  • You can simply wrap it around your things, and then put those things in removal boxes when you move home or post. This will ensure the maximum protection from damage. This works best with larger items, but is not ideal

for when you have lots of smaller items that need protecting because it could take a long time to put it around each and every item.

  • You can line cardboard boxes with high quality bubble wrap before you put things in them for shipping or moving. This will ensure that everything you put into that box will be secure and protected. This method is best for when you are putting lots of smaller items into one box, rather than just one big item.
  • You can unwrap strong bubble wrap UK carefully along the edges by slowly pulling away at the tape you have used to secure them.

    This way, it ensures nothing tears apart, which means you can re use the bubble wrap for a second purpose. When you put tape on in the first place, it is ideal to just put only as much as you absolutely need, to make the unwrapping easy for you. Extra strong bubble wrap can be strengthened by using double layers, so you could wrap it around twice for double the protection layer. It is always lightweight, so this won't affect anything too much either.