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When packing up and moving house, keeping your fragile items protected can be a difficult challenge, and frequently extremely time consuming, searching all over for good quality protection in order to ensure that your package arrives in the same condition it left your house in. Only to spend days worrying about how protected your valuables actually are, luckily for you, Packing solution offers a wide variety of Bubble wrap for sale, meaning we can provide you with bubble wrap to suit any occasion, whether your moving house, or sending a gift to a loved one.

We can accommodate any sized item you may need protecting; whether you need bubble wrap for moving house, or protecting valuables during shipping. From glass display cases, to small, fragile, glass ornaments, Packing solutions offers the best bubble wrap for moving, allowing you to focus on the important task of making sure your valuables arrive at their destination safely, and in the same condition they were packed away in. With our extra strong, high quality Bubble wrap, transporting your valuables and fragile keepsakes has never been easier.

Our strong Bubble wrap (UK) will do a fantastic job of holding its air, meaning your bubble wrap will be able to offer around the clock protection to your valuables far longer than other bubble wraps, whose weak plastic cannot stand up to the harsh realities of moving. Packing solution provides the best options with bubble wrap for moving in the UK. With our wide varieties of bubble wrap: from as little as 5 metres, to 100+ metres, from small bubbles to large bubbles, you will be sure to find exactly what you’re looking for to protect your families cherished memories from the harsh environment created when moving house. Our Extra strong bubble wrap is more than capable of standing up to the abuse experienced during transit in a moving van:

such as boxes falling over each other, hard hits from the van wall on sharp corners, any of these problems can be the difference between your valuables arriving in perfect condition, or with dents, scrapes, or in serious cases, smashed valuables, if you purchase our Top quality Bubble wrap you will be able to move forward with little to no nerves, knowing your packages are safe, padded, and able to stand up to the abuse of moving, or the postal services.