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Welcome to Packing Solution. We offer a huge selection of good quality bubble wrap along with many other types of packaging such as boxes, tape and cling film, which was designed for the purpose of moving home in Redditch. Our packaging is also useful for storage purposes, along with shipping things in the post too.

Bubble wrap for sale here at Packing Solution is sold at the lowest prices around, because we cut out the middle man here online and are able to offer you manufacturers prices directly for the public, so our prices cannot be beaten elsewhere. Please take a look at our full range available, and we are sure you will find everything that you need.

High quality bubble wrap sold here

Strong bubble wrap UK is sold on rolls, because it is easier to transport this way and it keeps the bubble wrap neat and tidy as you use it as well. The longer the length of the bubble wrap, the larger the roll will be, and they are all guaranteed to be lightweight so that you can easily use them and carry your things while using it.

Extra strong bubble wrap is made up of lots of tiny little air bubbles, which prevent damage on your things because they absorb any shocks put onto them, so that if you drop your item wrapped in it, or something else falls onto it, then your goods inside will remain in great condition and ready to use again as you please.

Best bubble wrap for moving can be used by wrapping it around your items, and pulling it as tight as possible without tearing it apart, and then sealing the edges carefully with some extra strong tape. You can tape it up just as you would do with a Christmas present, by folding in the ends carefully. If you secure it well enough, it will also help to prevent water and dampness getting into the parcel too, which can save you a lot of damage as well.

Bubble wrap for moving UK is available along with cling film. Cling film does a similar job, but it mainly just holds your things together and waterproofs them, rather than actually protecting against damage with bubbles. As they are a similar price, we would always recommend bubble wrap as the premium option.