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Welcome to Packing Solution, Stourbridge's leading supplier of top quality bubble wrap at the lowest prices, and we have a huge range to choose from. We also offer many other types of packaging, ranging from cardboard boxes, to archive boxes, tape, cling film, cable ties and packing tissue paper to name just a few of our selection to choose from.

Bubble wrap for moving UK is often used for protecting things that you are shipping in the post or moving in a house move, and it will protect your things by absorbing the shocks put on it instead of your things inside of the bubble wrap, and it is the tiny little air bubbles that provide this protection.

Extra strong bubble wrap at affordable prices

Bubble wrap for moving is commonly used for storing your old things in the attic or garage. It ensures that no dampness gets to your things, so they remain in great condition, and it also ensures that even if something falls down, for example if the wind blows a lot one day, that your things remain in good condition in this circumstance as well. Strong bubble wrap UK is often used for protecting bowls when people move home.

Bowls are always an easy to break item, because they are made of china and so they can crack if they fall down or onto something, which would mean you could not use it again and you would need to buy another bowl, so do not take this risk and make sure that you use bubble wrap to make sure you get maximum protection from damage.

Best bubble wrap for moving is used to protect dining tables during a house move too, because it makes sure that they do not get scratched which can easily happen, and if you use enough of it and secure it tightly enough, then it protects the legs of the table as well to make sure that they do not break off. Good quality bubble wrap needs to be secured tightly and well enough so that it does not fall off of your things that you are protecting. You can do this with only the best and strongest packaging tape, which we offer here as well. Ordinary supermarket tape will not do the job.