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High quality bubble wrap does not need to cost the earth. Here at Packing Solution we are experts when it comes to bubble wrap and all types of packaging, including cardboard boxes and tapes too, and as this is what we specialise in, it means we are able to offer the lowest prices to Warrington and the surrounding areas too for the best quality bubble wrap around. We sell heavy duty bubble wrap, made of a strong material that will not tear easily or break. It is lightweight as well as durable, thus meaning it will not add weight to anything that you are shipping either. It is see through, and tape can easily stick to it and secure it well.

Bubble wrap for moving house needs to fit around your items entirely, so that they are protected to the maximum. You need to pick a roll of bubble wrap that is the appropriate size that you require, and you can do this by measuring with a tape measure and pick the roll that is the right size. We give all measurements in detail here online in millimetres and inches too, so just click on the product to find out more information below.    

Bubble wrap for sale at affordable prices

Strong bubble wrap UK can be used to line the inside of a box in order to protect the things inside of it. You can do this by using double sided tape on the outside of the bubble wrap or the insides of the boxes too, of you could use normal strong tape and curl it round in a circle which would provide sticky sides on both sides. If you need advice on how to use bubble wrap to the maximum, please contact us because our team have a range of experience within the packaging industry and the removals industry too, so we can offer free invaluable advice when it comes to packing.

High quality bubble wrap can be used when protecting office items too, such as desks and chairs. You will need an extra large roll of bubble wrap for this purpose, which should cover the entire thing easily once or twice, and a double layer is always recommended to give the best protection. We have bubble wrap with extra large bubbles too, which can be very useful when it comes to moving.