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Hello and welcome to Packing Solution. We are experts with packaging, and our range of top quality bubble wrap was designed specifically for the purpose of house moving, storage and shipping, so if this is what you are looking for, we have the ideal selection for you. The sizes, weights, and prices are all the most popular types for those purposes, and we have many years of experience with both packaging and house moving. Bubble wrap for sale is available on a next day delivery service, and we send all orders with UPS courier, and it is a guaranteed service to arrive on time. We will email you with a personal tracking number once the order has been dispatched, for you to track your parcel online.

Bubble wrap for moving UK

We put our bubble wrap for moving in a cardboard box before sending it out to our customers in Worcester, so this way it is protected, and inside of the box we also put it into a plastic bag to ensure extra protection if it rains as well. It makes sure that when the product arrives with you, it is free to use straight away without any issues.

Strong bubble wrap UK is designed to provide a protective layer against damage from your things that you are shipping or moving with, and the small air bubbles absorb the shocks so that your items don't have to. It is a simple conception, and it works very well indeed. For extra protection, you could wrap your things up twice, so the double layer acts as double the protection.

Extra strong bubble wrap that we offer are made in the United Kingdom from premium materials, so you can rely on the quality to be excellent, and on top of this, we offer the lowest prices around! We offer manufacturers prices directly for the public online here in Worcester, so our prices cannot be beaten. Good quality bubble wrap needs to be able to last a long time, because if you decide to use it for storage, for example to protect your Christmas decorations from damage all year around, it needs to be able to last and not rot away like other packaging might. We have thought of all possible scenarios here at Packing Solution, so you can shop with trust and confidence.