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Welcome to Packing Solution, the leading retailer to York of bubble wrap for sale and other packaging products too such as cardboard boxes and tape. Our range was brought to you for the main purpose of moving home, as well as storage and shipping. We have a long history in the removals trade and packaging business too, and so we believe we have everything you could need for the purpose of house moving in York. Strong bubble wrap UK is hard to find on the high street today, not many shops have it for sale and the ones that do will only offer a small range of one type of bubble wrap roll. Here at Packing Solution we have the largest range in York, and pride ourselves on our quality and price.

Top quality bubble wrap in York

Extra strong bubble wrap can be great fun to play with after you have used it for protection. You can pop the air bubbles one by one, which is an endless fun game that everyone has played at some point in their lives. There are many different methods of popping the bubbles, you could do it one at a time, or you could twist and do many at once.

Good quality bubble wrap will not tear apart easily, as this would make it impractical for shipping things with, and we have made sure that everything we offer matches this idea. We quality test everything that we send out, and have a vigorous production line. Our employees have many years of experience and have done this most of their working lives.

Best bubble wrap for moving can be secured with some strong box tape, along the edges, which will ensure that it stays in place for the shipment. This can also ensure that no water gets in, which will make your things waterproof as well, so no rain can ruin your day! Bubble wrap for moving house is most popular in our PS10 size medium bubble wrap, which is an average sized roll coming at 10 metres long, which is ideal for most sized items in the home. Our moving packs include bubble wrap along with many other packaging products, so these may be worth looking at if you are short on time.