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Welcome to Packing Solution, Aberdeen’s number one supplier of cardboard boxes and packing accessories. We specialise in supplying Aberdeen and its surrounding areas, and can deliver anywhere in the UK too should you require, so no matter if you are moving locally or further away, we have what you are looking for. We are experts with cardboard boxes with lids and have many years of experience within the industry, which means our range is fully optimised towards people who are moving home in Aberdeen, so you are sure to find what you need.

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Storage boxes need to durable and strong, so they will last a very long time and can easily be re used when you need them. They will arrive flat packed too so are very easy to transport and assemble when you need. Heavy duty boxes are much cheaper than plastic ones, and are more lightweight too, and the fact they can be flat packed makes them much more practical as well when moving home.

Heavy duty boxes for moving are often sold in large packs, however here at Packing Solution we know that you would rather mix and match the ones that you like best, so we sell them as singular items rather than large packs. We also sell our strong cardboard boxes for shipping in multi packs too, so that will give you some idea as to how many you will need based on a certain sized house move.

Boxes for house moving can come in many different shapes, from rectangles to squares, and so this will simply depend on the items inside of them that you are wishing to ship around. Here is where to buy packing boxes in Aberdeen, look no further, our quality is excellent and our prices are unbeatable, and our service is the best around.

We offer next day delivery on all of our cardboard boxes and cartons so you are sure you will get them in time for when you are moving home and when you need them. Please take a look at our full range and we are sure you will find what you’re searching for, we have lots of different options in terms of price and size, and they are all of an excellent quality too. All are wrapped in a polythene sheet upon delivery.