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Large boxes for moving house are what we specialise in here at Packing Solution, and we have a huge range to choose from. Our boxes are great for sending all different sized items in the post, because we offer a wide range of double walled boxes which are very strong and durable, and are great for sending items in the post because they will protect them from damage, and will last a really long journey even if you are sending something a long way away overseas.

Cardboard boxes for house removal are for sale along with other packaging materials that help you to move as well, which includes our packing tissue paper which is great for protecting the smaller and most delicate of things from harm, which includes cups and saucers and plates too, and it will prevent scratches from happening on them and chips too, and the packing paper can fit into gaps quite easily because it is flexible and delicate, so you can stuff it inside of small objects to give them a bit of extra strength to prevent breakage. They are commonly used in shoes to keep them in shape, by stuffing it into the toes of the shoes.  

House moving boxes at affordable prices

Packing boxes for moving are available with our guaranteed next day delivery service to every home in Addlestone as well as the surrounding areas too, and we can deliver to any address that you choose. We can leave specific delivery instructions for the driver e.g. where they can leave the parcel if you are out, plus we can deliver on any date that you choose, and all you need to do is write that in the notes section at the checkout stage online.

Heavy duty boxes for moving are recyclable and eco friendly, and they are produced here in the UK from premium materials, so we hope that they will be suitable for your requirements. We work with a local recycling company to ensure that the majority of our packaging is recycled wherever possible, and because we produce our boxes locally it means we save on fuel emissions too. We encourage our customers to re use or recycle our packaging when you are finished with it, rather than just throwing our boxes away. Local businesses will always find a use for them if you cannot.