Best shop for cardboard boxes for moving in Bexley

Welcome to our shop, Packing Solution, the number one shop for cardboard boxes for moving here in Bexley. It is hard to find boxes in the town, not many shops offer them, and they are not given out for free as second hand either. This is why Packing Solution was formed to provide house removal packing boxes to Bexley and its surrounding area. We can deliver nationwide too, so if you are moving near by, or if you are moving further away too, we can provide the service that you need.

Boxes for house removal here in Bexley

Our cardboard packing boxes come in many different sizes, so simply measure up your items that you’re moving, and pick exactly the ones you require. Alternatively, we offer multi packs too, so that will give you some idea of how many you will require to move home. Moving boxes online are all delivered swiftly and efficiently. We guarantee to dispatch all orders the same day, and are sent on a next day delivery courier service too. We offer both single and double walled cardboard boxes too which are much stronger and more durable, and we would always recommend these as the premium option at exactly the same price.

Large boxes for moving house in Bexley need to be big enough to hold large items, but not too big so that they are difficult to carry when moving into and from the van to the house. We also offer storage boxes too, which are ideal for storing away your belongings in the garage or attic, and will last a very long time indeed. Removal boxes will all arrive flat packed, so that you can assemble them when it suits you best, and this way they are easy to transport around the house to where they are needed.

Our packaging accessories such as tape and bubble wrap are the perfect accompaniment to the cardboard boxes for removals as they will keep your things safe inside of the boxes and will hold the boxes together. The tape is especially strong box tape, specifically for the purpose of holding together large boxes during a house move. Our team of friendly experts will be more than happy to help you with any query that you may have, and can advise you on exactly what you will require in terms of shape and size.