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Packing cardboard boxes are what we specialise in here at Packing Solution, and we have a huge selection to look at. We have small, medium, large and extra large double walled boxes, as well as single walled boxes in medium and large sizes too, so you can choose based on your requirements. All of our prices are the lowest possible, which means you can get more for your money here with Packing Solution.

We offer individual boxes, as well as discounted packs of five or ten boxes too, so the more you need the more you can save. We have moving packs, which are made up of a variety of different packing products, including bubble wrap, boxes and tape, and they give you an idea of how many you need based on a certain size of house move.

House moving boxes can be useful when moving items from the garden shed to your new home. It will help you to carry tools such as hammers and screw drivers, and it will keep them all together so that nothing goes missing. We have CD sized boxes, which are great for keeping nails and screws in so that they do not get lost. Our boxes are great for storage purposes, so make sure you keep them after you have moved for this purpose too because you will find them very useful.

House removal packing boxes at affordable prices

Packing boxes for moving need to be easy to carry and transport. If you purchase boxes that are too large, then they will be difficult to fit in the removal lorry or van, and they will be hard to carry when they are full because they might become too heavy. Our medium double walled boxes are the most popular choice for house movers, because the shape means they are easy to carry but also that you can fit many of them into a removal lorry, which means you can fit more into each load of the lorry.

Cardboard boxes for house removal are for sale here along with strong box tape. It is extra strong industrial strength tape, and is designed to stick to almost any surface. It can stick and hold together all types of packaging, and so even the heaviest of boxes can be secured using our tape. It is much stronger than ordinary supermarket tape.