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Heavy duty boxes for moving are available here with our double walled premium corrugated cardboard boxes. We have many to choose between, in different shapes and sizes, so you can pick exactly what you require. We have no minimums, which means you can get the exact number of boxes that you require too. We have heavily discounted packs of five or ten boxes for sale, so you can make savings of over thirty percent with those. You can find our discounts under the heading moving packs from the top menu, so have a shop around.

Cardboard packaging boxes can be either square shaped or rectangular, and so it just depends on how you plan to stack them in the removal van. It also depends on the items you are shipping, for example if you are moving a printer which is long and thin, then you will need our large double walled boxes which are very long, or if you are shipping a large computer screen which is fairly square, then our extra large double walled boxes will be the best option for this. Our medium double walled boxes are the most common book boxes, because they are easy to carry when full.    

House moving boxes at affordable prices

Packing boxes for moving are available along with our furniture protection covers which are made from polythene sheets. They will help to protect your furniture from water and dirt, because after all you cannot fit a sofa in a cardboard box. The covers are two metres by six metres long, and so you need to take accurate measurements before deciding what you require, and you may need more than one sheet to cover your furniture. They are clear in colour, so you can see through them, and they are made from a thick polythene material grade, so they will not break or tear easily.

Moving boxes online can be great when storing things in your attic or garage. Perhaps you have an old DVD collection of Downton Abbey, which you really enjoyed watching and you feel that you might want to watch it again at some point in the future so it is not worth throwing them away and you would rather put them into storage in the attic. Our boxes will be ideal for this job because they are strong enough to hold the weight.