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Large boxes for moving house are available here with both single and double walls. Double walled boxes are much stronger and more durable, and they are recommended when moving the larger and heavier of household items. A single walled box will not do the job if the item is heavy, and it may break. We have large and extra large sizes available, which measure 610 x 457 x 457 mm for an extra large box, which is big enough to hold most things in the house. Anything bigger than that, such as furniture, are best wrapped up in bubble wrap rather than placed into boxes. This way they are easier to carry, and more protected from harm.

House removal packing boxes are available as individual boxes, as well as in packs of five or ten at a time too. They are discounted if you buy packs, and you can save over thirty percent on each size of box, which is well worth a look. You can view these at the top menu by clicking on our moving packs option, and if you need any assistance please give us a call and we can help you. We have multi packs too, which have a variety of packaging products such as boxes, bubble wrap and tape, and they give you a good idea of how many you need based on how many bedrooms that you have.

Cardboard boxes for house removal at affordable prices

Packing boxes for moving can be useful to help you to organise your house move as much as possible. If you write on each box saying what is inside, or saying which room of the house that the contents belong, then it means that unpacking is much easier and quicker than if you have plain boxes with no information on them, which would take ages to work out where they all go. This will mean that nothing goes missing too, as this is a common problem for house movers and it is the last thing you need when you are trying to get settled into your new home.

House moving boxes are best used before the removal day, because the packing part is what the removal companies typically charge the most for. It is worth saving money by packing yourself before hand, so that all they have to do is pick up ready made boxes.