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When shopping for packing cardboard boxes, it is important to know what you want that box to do, and what type of items you wish to pack away; for example. Boxes suited for clothing may prove to flimsy for other items.

House moving boxes are the most common reason for buying large selections of boxes, and this selection is crucial, as not all boxes are suited to the same items of packing methods. Packing boxes for moving should consist of a varying selection, from small boxes for your smaller items; cd’s and jewellery, to the larger boxes you’ll need to move such items as tables and chairs, without damaging them in transit.

Cardboard packing boxes can be offered in both double and single wall design, and each has its own uses; smaller thinner boxes, such as single wall designs, are excellent for holding light, softer items such as clothes, shoes, or other accoutrements, allowing you to quickly store your clothing and lighter items.    

Packing boxes for moving however, are usually thicker, and are capable of providing the packaged up items with significantly increased protection to every-day problems such as rain and moisture, which will quickly render a single wall boxes weakened, and offering next to no protection.

Packing boxes UK sold at packing solutions, both smaller and larger, sturdier boxes, are sure to be exactly what you’re looking for when planning to move your family from one house to another, or just to send items across country of across the planet, and you’re in need of a box that will offer sufficient protection and ensure your items arrive in pristine condition.

Our house removal packing boxes are also sold in moving packs, from 1 bedroom, to 4 bedrooms, giving you even more options with less shopping time, instead of picking your boxes yourself, allow our moving packs to provide you with exactly what you need to move out of your house as stress-free as possible.

When using large boxes for moving house, protection offered by the boxes is decreased due to their increased size, using our larger boxes with our wide range of packing material such as bubble wrap and packing tissue, will ensure that your larger items are protected from dents and knocks, as a heavier item can cause serious damage to itself should it be free moving and unpadded.