House Removal Boxes & Packaging Accessories Shop in Christchurch

Welcome to Packing Solution. We are the leading supplier of storage boxes in Christchurch and we can deliver to any home in the area plus the surrounding areas as well with a next day delivery service, so you can guarantee that they will arrive for when you need them. The courier will simply text you on the morning of deliver to give an exact deliver hour. Moving boxes are what we specialise in, and we have lots of these to offer you here at Packing Solution, so take a look at our full range and you are sure to find what you need for house moving in Christchurch.

Cardboard packing boxes for moving house in Christchurch

Buy cardboard boxes from us and you will be overwhelmed with the high quality standard that we offer. All of ours are made here in the south west of England, and we work with a local recycling company as well because looking after the environment is highly important to us. Delivery boxes are a struggle to find in Christchurch, not many shops sell them, and they are often overpriced and only have a small range on offer to the public.

Archive boxes sold here are all brand new, and we believe this is very important because second hand boxes can break easily, and will often smell and be dirty with all of the rotten bananas inside of them. Heavy duty boxes are for sale along with different packing accessories as well, for example we sell strong box tape and cling film, which could be used to wrap around your things to prevent them from getting wet during delivery.

Heavy duty boxes for moving are great for transporting your heaviest of items, such as a load of golf balls which you will be putting away in the garage for next time you play, and they will require a strong box for the weight. Strong cardboard boxes for shipping can be used to move your golf clubs as well, but they will require larger sized boxes to accommodate the length of the clubs. Here at Packing Solution we have lots of different sized boxes on offer. Double walled boxes are the strongest kind money can buy, and here at Packing Solution we have lots of those available to the public, primarily because they are great for house moving purposes. We hope you find what you need.