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House removal boxes can often be a problem to source, with very few places selling boxes, and even fewer selling them at the quantity you need when packing up your house. Multiple boxes ranging from extra large, to small and extra small are often needed to sufficiently pack up all the items in a house, here at packing solution, we offer all our boxes in not only single packs, but in 5 packs, and even 10 packs, to ensure you won’t run low on boxes when clearing out the house, meaning you’ll be able to get the job done even sooner, and at an affordable price.

Heavy duty boxes for moving are beneficial when packaging the large items such as tables and chairs, whose arms and legs are more than capable of punching dozens of holes in any inferior quality box. Our heavy duty boxes for moving reduce the risk of your items punching through by utilizing thicker, more sturdy walls, making the box overall heavier, but increasing its strength and resistance tenfold, furthermore, here at packing solutions, you don’t have to sacrifice quality for quantity; with the low prices of our boxes, you can be sure to buy exactly what you need to make your moving experience as easy as possible.  

Large boxes for moving house are often large, cumbersome, and just not thick enough, can often leave the items inside bare and unprotected, left to knock against each other and the distant walls of the box, however our range of packing tissues and bubble wrap, that extra space can be easily filled, meaning your items, too big for a normal sized box, are now able to get the same level of protection, held safe, still by our sturdy bubble wrap and packing tissue, and with our incredibly large scale of bubble wrap sizes; from 5 metres to 500 metres, so that you can get the exact right amount for you and your project.

Packing solutions is a trusted reliable distributor of Packing boxes UK, and with our next day delivery (before 3pm), you will be sure to get what you ordered on time and exactly as you ordered it the day before it arrived. And any inquiries can be made at the packing solution sight, should you be unhappy for any reason.