Cardboard boxes for moving in Coleraine

Cardboard boxes for moving house are what we specialise in, and we can supply everywhere in Coleraine as well as the surrounding areas too with a next day delivery service which is quick and reliable. We are a family run organisation, and offer a fantastic range of storage boxes for house moving that are purposefully for house moving in Coleraine, so we are sure you will find everything you could need here online.

Removal boxes in Coleraine with Packing Solution

Heavy duty boxes are a challenge to find on the high street in Coleraine, which is why Packing Solution is here as the answer to your needs. Heavy duty boxes for moving can be used to move your cutlery to the new home, because they will protect them and ensure that nothing gets damaged or broken too, as well as being strong enough to hold the weight of it.

Strong cardboard boxes for shipping are brilliant for moving heavy items such as an iron, because they are strong enough to hold the weight put on them. Storage boxes could be used to store away your dusty guitar, which you don't use any more but you feel you may get back into it in the future at some point. Delivery boxes need to match the couriers requirements and so you will need to look at this before picking which is best for you.

Smaller boxes are always cheaper to send, however you may need a large number of them to fit your things in them. Cardboard packing boxes can be written on in a marker pen easily, which is a great way to ensure nothing gets lost and makes unpacking a lot easier. Double wall cardboard boxes are much stronger than ordinary single walled boxes, and are therefore much better for house moving purposes, and we always recommend these as the best option for house moving.