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Packing cardboard boxes can be very useful during an office move and for storing old documents and folders on the shelf in the office too. We have archive boxes with lids which are perfect for this, and they are designed for that very purpose. They have handle holes which makes them easy to lift and move onto and off of a shelf, and the lids allow for easy access to the notes inside of them. You can easily write on the side to say what is inside of them, so you can keep things organised and safe and you will be able to find your things in future with ease.

House removal packing boxes include our ordinary carton boxes with flaps at each end to be secured shut. Firstly you need to fold in the flaps at one end, and secure along all edges using our strong packing tape. Then you need to fill the box with whatever you want, and make sure you protect the things using our bubble wrap too to ensure they remain safe. Then last of all you need to close the flaps at the opposite end shut and secure those with strong tape as well, and then the box is ready and finished for you to move.    

Cardboard boxes for house removal at affordable prices

Packing boxes for moving is available here along with all other types of packaging too, so that you are able to find everything you could need in one place. We have packing tissue paper which is great for protecting smaller things from the kitchen, as well as ornaments. It is soft and will not harm your things, and it is flexible so that it can fit into small spaces. They come in packs of five hundred sheets at a time, so that you can make big savings here online. It is clear in colour too, and can be used to fill shoes to keep them in shape as well.

House moving boxes are available along with polythene sheets, which are great to use as furniture protection covers, which will help to look after them from water and dirt as you move. You can't really fit bubble wrap around furniture because they are often too large, so our polythene sheets are the best option for the job. Just take a look below here.