Buy Removal Boxes & House Moving Boxes in Doncaster

Welcome to Packing Solution, Doncaster’s number one supplier of house removal packing boxes and accessories too. We have been supplying Doncaster and all of the areas around with removal boxes for many years. It is very difficult to find boxes in the high street, which is why Packing Solution was formed to cater for the needs of the people of Doncaster. We have lots of experience within the industry, and can help you with anything that you might need. We hope you will find what you are looking for here at Packing Solution.

Cardboard boxes for moving in Doncaster

We offer both single and double wall cardboard boxes too, which we would always recommend as being the best option. They are extremely strong indeed, and can hold heavy items without breaking. We sell storage boxes which are specifically designed for storing away your prized possessions in the garage, and will be very durable for long lasting service.

Moving boxes online are often sold in large packs at a time, here at Packing Solution we offer just one box at a time, meaning you can choose exactly what you need and require without having to buy too many and waste any.

We have partnerships with local recycling companies too for packing cardboard boxes and so you can guarantee you are dealing with a trustworthy company. Our cardboard boxes for removals are all made in the UK, so the quality is excellent, but the prices are very competitive too, and we are able to offer such great prices simply because we produce so many of them. Large boxes for moving house are our bread and butter, we know everything there is to know about them and are true specialists in the industry.

Cardboard packing boxes are all delivered flat packed ready for assembly when it suits you, so with our tape and bubble wrap that we offer, you have everything you will need for a house move. The size of box you will require will also be down to the size of the van that you wish to transport items in, as the smaller the van, the smaller the boxes you will need because they will fit in easier. Also, if the doorways are small in the new or old property, then smaller boxes are the best option. But larger boxes for larger items are a necessity. We hope you find what you are looking for.