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Cardboard boxes for books will need to fit several different criteria; they need to be strong enough to hold the weight of books inside of them, without breaking apart. They need to be of a medium size, so that they are not too heavy to carry when they are full of books. They need to be big enough to fit plenty of books inside. They need to be strong enough to protect the books from damage while being moved. They need to be secured shut well, using strong packing tape, so that the books remain safe while being moved.

Moving boxes for books that are strong enough to hold the weight of books inside of them are typically made from extra strong re enforced double walled cardboard. These are available from most packaging suppliers, including here at Packing Solution, and they are the most popular type of box for the strength properties. They are not much more expensive than single walled boxes, and yet they are much stronger and more durable, and you can use them again and again. They are brilliant multipurpose boxes that have many great uses.

Packing boxes for books that are of a medium size are perfect for transporting books because they are easy to carry when full as they are not too heavy. Here at Packing Solution we sell medium sized double walled boxes which are what we call our book boxes, and they are ideal for transporting books from one location to another. Medium size boxes are easy to carry because of less weight, but they are also easy to fit in between doorframes and to pack into Lorries and vans as well. You can stack lots of them in an area where you wouldn’t be able to with larger boxes, and this is another great benefit of those.

Cardboard boxes for books UK need to be large enough to hold lots of books inside, even if they are of a medium size. The reason is because if you have a box that is too small and can only hold one or two books, then it would take you forever to shift lots of books from one location to another. Each box needs to hold at least 15 books inside of them to make the move economical, so that is another factor that you will need to think about. The larger the boxes the quicker your move will be, and it simply depends on the movers ability to carry heavy weights.

Book storing cardboard boxes need to be strong enough to protect the books from damage while you have them in storage or moved. Double walled strong boxes are perfect for this, and you can buy them here online with Packing Solution. Strong double walled boxes have extra strong walls that are double the strength of normal boxes, and it would take a huge knock for the books to get damaged inside of them. If you want to give them extra protection further, then bubble wrap is also a good addition to the equation.