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Cardboard boxes for garage storage are the ideal types of box that are perfect for storing your items in the garage for a period of time. When it comes to storing in the garage, there are a number of different factors which you will need to consider. Firstly, it can potentially get damp in the garage, because very few garages are water or air tight, and sometimes there can be a leaky roof on the garage too. Secondly, it will get very cold in the garage, and will likely get dusty and full of spiders and other insects.

Packing boxes for garage storage should be put either on the floor piled up, or in the rafters of the attic at the top, and it will depend on what is convenient for you. Often things like a lawn mower are stored in the garage and those items will take up the floor space, so the attic of the garage is often the best place for storage of boxes. For this to happen, you might need to put a few planks of wood along the beams so that there is storage space created, and then put the boxes on top of those planks of wood so that they are secure and will not fall down, because that could cause damage to the contents inside.

Moving boxes for garage storage should be large enough to hold plenty of your belongings inside, and they should be strong enough so that they can protect the things that you put into them, and so that they can hold the heavy weight of your items inside of them too. Here at Packing Solution we offer a huge range of boxes which are absolutely perfect for storage purposes, and they are made from premium double walled corrugated cardboard. Garage storage cardboard boxes should be sealed up with strong packing tape, which will hold the box together firmly and it will keep the creepy crawlys out of the box too.

If you use insufficient and weak tape, then it won’t be durable enough to last for the many years that you choose to store an item for, and so this won’t be good enough. Our boxes are durable enough to last for a very long time, and will not get damaged unless water gets onto them. This is why we also sell cling film and polythene, to protect the boxes from water during storage. 

Garage storing cardboard boxes come in many different shapes and sizes, and choosing the right boxes for you can be tough. We have a huge range for you to view online, and you can pick from the comfort of your own home. The exact size measurements that we provide are the internal box measurements, so you can find exactly what you require. Cardboard boxes for garage storage UK could be used to store some old DVD’s that you don’t watch regularly but you feel that you might like to watch them in the future. Perhaps they were some old home videos or a video of your wedding thirty years ago, and you definitely want to keep a copy of that, but you won’t plan to watch it every day, so storing it will be the best scenario.