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Cardboard boxes for glasses are the type of boxes that are capable of helping you to move glasses and mugs from your kitchen or office during a move to a new house or office. The boxes need to meet several important criteria; they need to be strong and durable to hold the weight of the glasses inside, and they need to be strong enough to protect the glasses that you have put inside. They need to be an ideal size so that they are easy to carry when full, without becoming too heavy.

They should contain dividers to hold the glasses in place, and probably some packing tissue paper or bubble wrap for cushioning. Packing boxes for glasses that we sell here at Packing Solution include our medium double walled boxes. They are extra strong and durable boxes, making them ideal for holding the heavy weight and protection, plus the medium size makes them easy to carry when full.

We offer universal dividers which can fit into our medium sized boxes to hold the glasses in place, because it makes small sections for the glasses to fit into, which can be adjusted so that all different sized glasses can fit inside. Moving boxes for glasses need to be able to hold a weight of at least 20kg, because that is the weight of ten to twenty glasses of an average size. You should always carry boxes from underneath rather than buying boxes with handle holes, because when it comes to heavy things like this, they need the support from underneath to ensure they cannot split and break. You should always lift them with a straight back and bent knees, so that you do not damage yourself in the process.

Cardboard boxes for protecting glasses should be used alongside packing tissue paper, which you should wrap around the glasses to ensure they cannot get scratched during transit. You should also stuff some tissue inside of the glasses so that it gives them some strength from the inside of the glasses too, which will further prevent them from breaking. Bubble wrap can also be used on the outsides of the glasses to ensure they don’t break, as this is the best type of protection available.

Cardboard boxes for carrying glasses with dividers inside will also help with protection, because they will stop the glasses from hitting against one another and will hold them securely in place during transit. This is the purpose of dividers, however you do not have to use them but they are highly recommended and low cost. They are also great for moving wine bottles to stop them hitting one another.

There are many things that can happen to glasses to damage them because they are very delicate, and they could get chipped or scratched easily or crack. All of these things would render them useless in your new home. Cardboard boxes for holding glasses should be made from premium double walled cardboard, as this is the only type of box that will be strong enough for the job. No other type of single walled box will be strong enough, no matter what another retailer may tell you.

The cost of buying boxes that are strong is minimal here online with Packing Solution, and we offer next day delivery to ensure that you always get the boxes that you need immediately.