Shop now for cardboard boxes for ornaments with Packing Solution

Cardboard boxes for ornaments should be able to hold the heavy weight of ornaments inside of them without breaking apart, and they should be strong enough to protect the ornaments inside of them as well. They should be strong enough to be stacked on top of one another in a removal van or lorry, and they should be an easy enough size so that you can carry them easily while being transported. We therefore recommend our medium sized double walled boxes for moving ornaments, as they are extra strong, durable and medium sized.

Packing boxes for ornaments should be used along with bubble wrap or packing tissue paper to help protect the ornaments before they are placed into the boxes. The reason for this is because ornaments are very delicate and expensive, and they might touch against each other inside of the boxes and this could damage them. Just a piece of bubble wrap in between should ensure no damage can occur.

Moving boxes for ornaments of a medium size will be able to fit ten to twenty ornaments inside, depending on the size and shape of the ornaments. We sell our medium sized boxes individually, and we also offer discounted packs of five, ten or one hundred boxes, and the price per box decreases with our larger packs, so it depends how many ornaments you need to move as to which pack you choose to buy. We also offer packing tissue paper, packing paper and strong packing tape too.

Ornament packing boxes could also be used to store ornaments away in the garage or attic if you no longer use them, or if you were given them as a gift but they don’t look great in your new home. Our boxes are built to last, and they will be perfect for storage solutions over a long period of time of more than ten years. Our boxes are also recyclable, and made from recycled paper, so they are entirely eco friendly.

Cardboard boxes for moving ornaments can also be used with small singular boxes to move each individual ornament if you wanted, or if they are extra delicate and need their own box. We sell CD and DVD sized boxes which would be perfect for this, and they measure 15cm cubed, so they are small but the ideal size for an individual ornament. Otherwise, our medium sized double walled boxes are best for shifting a number of ornaments together.

Cardboard boxes for protecting ornaments will need to be secured shut using strong packing tape, so that the ornaments cannot escape the box. The last thing you want is to be carrying a box full of delicate ornaments, and for the box to split underneath and for the ornaments to smash all over the floor. Strong packing tape is something we offer also, and this will prevent that from happening. You can use it along all of the edges of the boxes to ensure they remain shut throughout the duration of the move.