House Removal Boxes & Packaging Accessories Shop in Gateshead

Welcome to Packing Solution, we are the leading supplier to Gateshead of cardboard boxes and packing accessories too, and we can deliver to any home in Gateshead as well as the surrounding areas, and we offer a next day delivery service. Collection is not available.

We offer a great selection of cardboard boxes with lids as well as many other types of box too, such as ordinary fold down the end boxes and small and large ones too, so we are certain that you will find your requirements here with Packing Solution.

Buy packing boxes in Gateshead here with Packing Solution

Storage boxes that are sold here are all made in the UK, and we have recycling contracts with a local company as well, so you know we look after the environment, plus all of our boxes are recyclable. Heavy duty boxes for moving will last so long that you can re use them after moving home too, for example you could make a play rocket out of them for your children to play in and paint it too.

Strong cardboard boxes for moving could also be reused to make masks out of them, you could cut out small eye holes from them and again paint them, and this will be great for your children to play with at home. Boxes for house moving need to be lightweight, this is so that you can carry them easily because putting things in them make them heavy enough as it is without the box itself being heavy. Where to buy packing boxes is easy, just look below on this page. They need to be strong and durable to be able to hold the weight of the heaviest of items without breaking at all.

Packing boxes for moving are the same thing, they are simply just different names for the same product, so rest assured, we have lots of them here on offer that are perfect for house moving in Gateshead. Removal boxes that are sold here are all wrapped in polythene before sending out, this is because we guarantee that they will arrive undamaged and so it will protect them from wet weather during delivery with the courier. We hope that your house move goes smoothly, and everything goes well, please contact us if you require any assistance with anything by phone or email, and we offer free expert advice.