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Heavy duty boxes for moving can be used when shipping the largest and heaviest of items. Perhaps you have sold an old printer online, because you have bought a new modern one, and so you want to send the old printer to a customer online. You will need to send this with a courier service rather than with the post, because it works out to be more cost effective this way because the post is only good for letters and small items.

You will need a strong box, which can withstand the weight of the printer that you have put inside, and that is capable of protecting the printer too. Cardboard boxes for house removal are for sale here along with bubble wrap which can be used to wrap around your heavy printer to protect it from damage. We have all different types of packaging materials here online, which means you can find everything that you could need here in one place for the purpose of house moving, storage and shipping too. We offer next day delivery on all orders, which means you can rely on our service to provide the right packaging materials that you need just in time for when you need them.

House moving boxes at affordable prices

Moving boxes online are sold at the lowest prices here at Packing Solution, because we are experts and specialists with boxes. We deal with thousands of boxes per day, and are able to pass this benefit onto our customers so that you can have the best prices for the best quality of packaging around. We have archive boxes with lids, which have handle holes making them easier to carry. The lids allow for easy access, making them ideal for storage purposes.

We have two sizes available, plus we have discounted packs of five or ten boxes as well, so you can make big savings here online. Large boxes for moving house are available here with our large and extra large double walled cartons, which can be found below here on this page or at the top menu as well. They are very popular for house movers locally, and we hope they will satisfy your requirements. They measure 610x457x457 mm in length width and height, so they are very large indeed and should fit most things inside of them, including TV's.