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House moving boxes are what we specialise in here at Packing Solution. We are a family run business, with many years of experience within the packaging industry. Our boxes are held in stock in the UK all year around, so you can rely on our service to provide the boxes that you need at exactly the time when you need them. You can purchase directly from us, without creating an account first. We have no minimum orders, which means you can buy as little as one box at a time, or as many as you need too. We offer discounted packs of five or ten boxes, so you can make big savings here.

Packing boxes for moving need to be easy to carry, but large enough to hold plenty of your things. Our medium double walled boxes are the easiest to carry, and are of a standard size. We have large and extra large sizes too, for the larger of things from your home, but make sure you don't make them too heavy, because this will make them hard to lift and will cost you time when moving home.

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Heavy duty boxes for moving need to be strong and durable. This is also very important when storing things in the attic or garage too, because you want them to last a very long time, because you might end up storing things for several years at a time. You can use bubble wrap or polythene or cling film to protect from water and dirt damage too, all of which we offer here online at the lowest prices so make sure you take a look at these options from the top menu too. We have everything you could need here in one place, so we hope you can find what you're looking for.

Cardboard storage boxes are for sale along with packing string, which can be used to secure items in the back of a removal lorry. We have a range of CD boxes, which are much smaller than usual boxes but are great for smaller things, such as jewellery or CD's of course. They are strong and very easy to carry, and they are excellent value for money. They are our cheapest boxes, so if they are the right size you can make big savings.