Shop now for cardboard boxes Haverhill with Packing Solution

Heavy duty boxes for moving need to be stacked on top of one another when you move house, in order to fit as many as you can into the removal lorry. This is the main reason that they need to be strong and durable, because otherwise they will not hold the weight of other heavy boxes on top of them. Here at Packing Solution we have a wide range of double walled corrugated cardboard boxes, which are the strongest type you can buy, and they are very heavy duty and strong, and are designed for house moving in particular.

House moving boxes with double walls will be able to hold even the largest and heaviest of things from your home with ease, and they will not break apart or tear. If they were too weak, they might open up at one end and leave all of your things falling onto the floor, and if it rains, it could be a classic disaster case and cause you a lot of stress and worry, and time too. Don't take the risk, and make sure you look into our double walled cardboard boxes as the premium option for house moving in the UK.

Cardboard packaging boxes need to be secured shut using the strongest of box tapes, which we offer here online. They are extra sticky, and can stick to almost any surface and all types of packaging, including bubble wrap and boxes of all kinds. We have fragile printed tape for sale as well, which is great for letting the carrier know that your parcel needs to be looked after carefully. We also have other printed tape, including our 'contents checked and security sealed' tape, which can be useful in certain scenarios and for a laugh.

House removal packing boxes are available in small, medium, large and extra large sizes, so it just depends on your ability to carry them when full, because the larger the box you can carry, the less trips back and forth from the removal lorry that you will need to do, so it can save you time and money. Medium sized boxes are often the most common types and are known as book boxes commonly, because they can easily be lifted when full of heavy books and our double walled medium boxes are the best ones.