House Removal Boxes & Packaging Accessories Shop in Hayes

Welcome to our shop, Packing Solution. We are the number one supplier of storage boxes for sale here in Hayes, Kent, and we can deliver to any home with a next day delivery service, and they are sent via courier, who will text you on the morning of delivery to ensure you are in. Moving boxes are offered here in many different types, in terms of shape and size, and our prices are fantastic too, we offer manufacturer prices directly to the public.

Cardboard packing boxes for moving house in Hayes, from Packing Solution

Buy cardboard boxes here and you will be over the moon with the high quality, all of our boxes are made in the UK and we have contracts with a local recycling company as well, so you know we look after the environment. Delivery boxes can be used to ship your old curtains to the new home, because you will definitely need them because buying a new load of these will cost a lot of money and they are surprisingly heavy as well. Archive boxes are for sale here in both A3 and A4 sizes, and are white in colour with lids as well, which are great for

keeping your documents and folders safe, and we have lots of these. Heavy duty boxes can be used for the heaviest of items during a house move, they would even be able to hold lots of heavy bricks if you needed that, not that you would, but a microwave maybe. Heavy duty boxes for moving could also be used to move your new bike wheels, because they would be big enough for this purpose and easily strong enough as well.

Strong cardboard boxes for shipping can be used for shipping around your old PC’s and laptops as well, because they will protect the things inside of them. Double walled boxes are for sale here along with many packing accessories as well, such as bubble wrap which can be used to wrap around your things to keep them safe and sound inside of the boxes.

We also sell strong box tape, which is extra strong industrial strength tape, which will hold together even the heaviest of boxes safely and securely during a house move. We also have cling film, which can again wrap around things to keep them together safely and soundly. We hope you find what you need.