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Packing boxes Hexham are ideal for moving home, storage and shipping, and here at Packing Solution we are the number one suppliers in the UK. We offer next day delivery throughout the UK, directly to your door with no minimum orders, plus we offer unbeatable prices. Take a look from our top menu to see our full range of boxes that you can buy from our in stock range.

Moving boxes Hexham need to be both strong and durable, so that they can hold heavy weights inside of them without splitting apart, and so that they can be stacked on top of one another easily without crumbling under the pressure put onto them in a removal van or lorry. Our boxes are the strongest available, and we have a range of double walled boxes which are the strongest in the country.

Cardboard boxes Hexham can be used to transport candles from your home when you are moving. Candles could easily get damaged during a move because they are fragile items, and so you can protect them using a strong packing box of a medium size. We have exactly the boxes you could need for moving here online.

Bubble wrap for sale Hexham can protect the candles further from damage, because the tiny air bubbles will absorb shock put onto them and pass the pressure among themselves so that your things wrapped up do not feel a thing. We have medium, small, large and extra large rolls of bubble wrap available for you to buy here at Packing Solution.

Bubble wrap Hexham can also be used to protect things that you put into storage. Maybe your kitchen is looking a little cluttered, and you have too many mugs sitting around but they are still in good condition, so rather than throw them out you would rather put them into storage, and our bubble wrap will protect them in this example from any damage that could occur.

Bubble wrap rolls Hexham come in many different lengths, and we have different widths available to buy too. We offer five hundred millimetre rolls, as well as seven hundred and fifty millimetres and a metre width rolls available to buy too, so you can make the decision about what length and what width of bubble wrap that you need to ensure that it completely covers the things that you want to protect.