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Packing boxes for moving can be used when moving home. They are designed for this very purpose, and our entire range here at Packing Solution is made up of the ideal sizes for moving. They are all strong heavy duty boxes, designed to hold the weight of heavy household possessions without breaking. We have small, medium and large boxes available, which are designed to provide you with an easy way to carry your items.

We have archive boxes with lids, which have handle holes which makes them easy to transport, and the lids make them practical for accessing the contents inside, which makes them great for storage purposes. Heavy duty boxes for moving are available individually to buy here online, or you can buy one of our multi packs of five or ten boxes too, which are heavily discounted for bulk purchase, so the more you buy the more you can save.

You can save over thirty percent by purchasing a pack of ten boxes as opposed to one individual box. We also have house moving packs, which are made up of a variety of packaging materials designed to help you move, which include boxes, bubble wrap and tape as well. They take the guess work out of the equation, and let you know roughly how many boxes you are going to need.

House moving boxes at affordable prices

House removal packing boxes need to be large enough to carry plenty of your possessions, but not so large that they cannot be carried or lifted because of the heavy weight. You need to consider this when purchasing, and it will simply depend on the strength and size of the person needing to carry the boxes. You can buy a variety of different sized boxes if you have several people carrying the boxes, so that it accommodates for everybody, and you are able to do this because we have no minimums so you can purchase a small quantity of many different sized boxes.

Large boxes for moving house can be useful when moving equipment from an office to a new office. Telephones, computers, printers and stationary are all often found in offices and boxes can definitely help to move them with ease. It will make them easy to carry, and it will help to protect them from damage too. You just need to take measurements first.