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Heavy duty boxes for moving could be very useful during an office move to shift all of your notes and documents such as invoices and other important statements. They can weigh a lot, especially if you have things organised into folders, and so you need a box that is strong enough to hold the weight, large enough to hold the documents, but not so large that they are impossible to carry when full because they have become too heavy. Here at Packing Solution we have thought of all of these scenarios, and our range of boxes represents the very best types for moving homes and offices.

Moving boxes online can be useful to keep all of the notes together in an organised way too. You could write on each box to say what is inside of each, so that you know which shelf the documents belong on in the new office. It ensures that nothing goes missing, and it can take a load off your mind and give you less to worry about. If you are moving computers and printers to the new office, it will help to keep the wires all together, so that you know which ones go with which electrical item, and it makes them easier to use when you move in.    

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Packing boxes for moving can be useful when you are storing documents in your office as well. You could use our ordinary carton boxes in a medium but heavy duty strong sized box, which should fit on a shelf nicely, or you could use our purpose built archive boxes. The archive boxes are designed for storing documents in an office, because they have lids which gives them easy access. They have handle holes which makes them easy to lift and carry, and they are easy to write on so you can say what is inside.

Large boxes for moving house can be used when shifting your duvet to the new home safely and this will ensure that it remains clean and dry, which means you will not have to wash it again when you move in, thus ensuring you get a good nights sleep on the first night in your home. Our boxes are all brand new and completely clean, which means that whatever you choose to put inside will remain clean too.